Skilled Electrician for Repairing and Maintaining Commercial Building

Electrician West Palm Beach install, inspect, repair and maintain electrical devices and power systems in non-residential settings. They must be able to read and understand blueprints as well as work in cramped spaces, at heights and in uncomfortable positions.

They must also have attention to detail as mistakes in their work can impact a business’s operation, information systems or production. Their job includes working from ladders, scaffolding and roofs to run wire and install breaker panels, surface metal raceway and electrical conduit/pipe – EMT and rigid pipe.


A commercial electrician can replace and repair electrical systems, circuits, and wiring in a building. They can work on larger buildings such as offices, malls, and hospitals. They are skilled at using tools and ladders for their job and can perform daily inspections to ensure that they follow safety guidelines. They can also wire and install electric motors for low and high voltages, and use pipe benders to run conduit.

Typically, a commercial electrician will be working indoors, but may spend some time traveling to and from different job sites. This can be hazardous since electricity is a powerful force that can burn or shock someone. Commercial electricians need to wear protective gear and follow strict safety rules to protect themselves from shocks or fires. They also need to be good at reading and understanding the details of a job site.

In addition to their technical knowledge, commercial electricians must have excellent problem-solving skills. This is because they often deal with large electrical systems and equipment that require attention to detail. They must be able to read and interpret blueprints and understand how the different parts of an electrical system work together.

If your property’s wiring or outlets are buzzing, you should call a professional immediately. Buzzing sounds are an indication that there is a bad connection and can lead to a fire. In addition, they can cause a person to become electrocuted. A professional will be able to identify the problem and fix it before it becomes more serious.

The most common duties of a commercial electrician include repairing and installing electrical systems. These systems can be used for lights, power, signaling, and more. They also test and repair circuits, fuses, switches, and generators. They also inspect voltmeters to make sure they are working correctly.


Electrical switches are essential in any home or business, but they can break down over time. When they do, it's important that commercial electricians know how to repair them. This skill will not only help them keep customers happy, but it will also ensure their own safety when working with electricity.

Electricians need to know how to properly test a switch before making any repairs. They should always use a continuity tester to make sure that the switch's mechanism is working correctly. This is an easy test that involves connecting the tester's probes to the screw terminals of the switch and flipping it back and forth. A small diode bulb should light up if the switch's mechanism is functioning properly.

Another common switch issue that commercial electricians should be able to identify and resolve is when the switch is not turning on or off a light as expected. This may occur if the switch is not receiving power or if it is not properly connected to the light fixture it controls. In either case, it is important that the electrician examine both the switch and the light fixture to determine the source of the problem and find a solution.

If a light switch is sparking when it is turned on, this can be a sign of faulty wiring or a worn-out switch panel. This could be dangerous if left unchecked and should be attended to immediately. A skilled commercial electrician will be able to fix these issues quickly and safely so that the lights in a building can continue to work as intended.


Commercial electricians can also help with data cabling, which involves installing, maintaining, and repairing the cables that connect computers to each other and the internet. They are often responsible for ensuring that these systems work properly and meet local safety standards. This is an important job because if the cables get loose they can cause fires or even shut down your entire business.

The most common electrical problems that a commercial electrician can fix are related to the wiring within a breaker box. This can include rewiring, tightening connections, and replacing broken fuses or circuit breakers. Some of these problems are more serious than others and require a professional electrician to make the necessary repairs.

When a circuit breaker keeps tripping, it means that there is too much electricity running through it. This can be a sign of a ground fault, short circuit, or that the breaker is overloaded for its amperage rating. It is important to turn off the power and contact an electrician as soon as possible when this happens.

This will ensure that the problem is fixed quickly before it gets worse and protects you from electric shock. A licensed electrician will replace your breaker panel fuse with one that has a higher amperage rating to prevent this from happening again in the future.

While many people don’t realize it, a faulty breaker can actually be a health hazard. If a breaker is overheating it can cause arcing and fires, which could lead to injuries or even a building collapse. This is why it’s important to call a commercial electrician as soon as you notice a problem with your breaker box.

Fuse Boxes

Although fuse boxes aren’t as common as circuit breakers, they still perform an important function in some homes. They protect large appliances like air conditioning units and furnaces from power surges that can damage them. However, they can also be dangerous if the current flows through them too fast and causes a short circuit. If you suspect your fuse box has an issue, there are a few signs to look out for. These include flickering lights, buzzing sounds coming from your outlets or appliances, and warm spots on the wall or ceiling. If you see any of these signs, it’s best to unplug some devices and call an electrician right away.

The good news is, it’s pretty easy to replace a fuse once you’ve spotted a blown one. You can either do it visually or with a tool such as a continuity tester or ohmmeter. If you use a continuity tester, put the leads on each end of the fuse into the test slot and press the start button. If it reads zero or beeps, the fuse is good; if not, it’s blown.

Fuse boxes are usually located in closets, hallways, mudrooms, crawl spaces, or utility rooms. They come in two styles: screw-in and cylindrical cartridge fuses. Screw-in fuses have a glass window that lets you see the fusible link inside. Cartridge fuses are cylindrical and held in place by metal fuse holders. When you replace a fuse, make sure you get one of the same size and voltage as the old one. You can find a similar fuse at your local hardware store or online. Then, turn off the main power to your fuse box and shut off all the appliances on that particular circuit until you’ve replaced the broken one.


Dim or flickering lights might seem like a minor problem, but it could be an indication of an electrical issue that requires immediate attention. Commercial electricians can inspect and repair these issues in the building to ensure the safety of everyone inside.

They are responsible for designing, installing and repairing electrical equipment in commercial buildings. This includes ensuring that all wiring follows strict operating and building codes. In new construction, they work closely with property owners, architects and town building zones to build the electrical grid for a building or project. They also work on existing commercial properties to make upgrades and repairs.

This can include rewiring, installing new fixtures and even adding a fuse box. For instance, a company may want to switch to LED lights to reduce their energy bill and environmental footprint. Commercial electricians can install the new lighting in the building or even update older lights to LED.

Electrical problems in a commercial property can be incredibly disruptive to the company. If it isn’t fixed in a timely manner, the business can experience productivity issues or even shutdown completely. For example, a few hours without power might cost a company millions in lost revenue. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced commercial electrician that can perform routine maintenance checks and address any electrical issues promptly.

In addition to fixing problems with lights, switches and outlets, commercial electricians can also wire buildings for generators and install security systems. They are also skilled at troubleshooting electrical issues, analyzing circuits and creating solutions for complex jobs. They must be able to discern different colors because they often use color-coded wires and have to climb ladders, lift over 50 pounds and remain in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.

Electrician West Palm Beach install, inspect, repair and maintain electrical devices and power systems in non-residential settings. They must be able to read and understand blueprints as well as work in cramped spaces, at heights and in uncomfortable positions. They must also have attention to detail as mistakes in their work can impact a business’s operation,…